Trump Finishes Sunday TV & Announces ‘Fox News’ Protection Declaration Like A Lunatic


In case you wondered where President Donald Trump’s priorities were lately… here’s a reminder that they remain desperately out of whack for someone who’s supposed to be leading the United States. This weekend, the morning after Jeanine Pirro’s Fox show was suspiciously absent from Fox’s programming schedule, he tweeted in support of the newly under scrutiny host, asserting that she should be brought back on the air.

Millions of people across the United States continue to face all sorts of threats like the flooding rocking the Midwest, and Trump’s best idea for how to spend his Sunday morning is to rage-tweet about one of his favorite television shows missing a week.

He rambled:

‘Bring back Judge Jeanine Pirro. The Radical Left Democrats, working closely with their beloved partner, the Fake News Media, is using every trick in the book to SILENCE a majority of our Country. They have all out campaigns against Fox News hosts who are doing too well. Fox must stay strong and fight back with vigor. Stop working soooo hard on being politically correct, which will only bring you down, and continue to fight for our Country. The losers all want what you have, don’t give it to them. Be strong & prosper, be weak & die!’

All of those who’ve faced life threatening or life ending turmoil and have not gotten a word of public support from the president expressed in a similar manner must be so reassured that he takes the one-week absence of a tv program as evidence of a broad, conspiracy theory driven culture war in which the aim is to “be strong and prosper” as opposed to the alternative — death.

After the above quoted sections, Trump continued to rant about ratings, suggesting that Pirro and fellow Fox host Tucker Carlson are under scrutiny because “competitors are jealous.” In fact, they’re under scrutiny because Pirro explicitly suggested that wearing a hijab indicates possible disloyalty to the United States, while Carlson has faced the emergence of recordings on which he runs the full gamut of repugnance, defending child marriage, calling for violence against Muslims, and a whole lot in between.

Apparently, Trump takes that mess as “fighting for our Country.”

Check out Twitter’s response…

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot