Alec Baldwin Responds To Trump’s SNL Rant Like A Boss


Donald Trump regularly flips his lid after comedians and late night talk show hosts make fun of him. But he brings their jokes on himself by being such a loudmouth and obnoxious person, and a failure as a president too. Lately though he’s taken things a step too far as he’s started using veiled language to threaten media personalities and the people who produce their shows.

Alec Baldwin who impersonates Trump on SNL took Trump’s tweet very seriously and seemed to be threatened by it. He said Trump was making him out to be an enemy of the people, and that could be a very dangerous thing because apparently a lot of Trump’s followers are quite deranged.

What led to Trump’s outburst was Baldwin’s spot-on impersonation of him during a Saturday Night Live sketch. One in which Baldwin expertly acted out Trump’s devastating Friday morning speech about the border, the budget, and several other disorganized topics. The funny thing about the skit though was it was a rerun from last month right after Trump declared his national emergency…obviously Trump thought it was a new skit though and flipped his lid.

Baldwin’s response to Trump’s threats was perfect considering Trump has routinely threatened violence against those who disagree with him. He’s exhorted his followers to beat people during his rallies, which they’ve done, and he’s even gone so far as to tell cops to bash people’s heads when they’re putting them in police cars.

Donald Trump is a very dangerous man, and a lot of his followers are dangerous too. Baldwin is right to be upset about Trump’s threats, and the American people should be upset as well. It’s not everyday that a president oversteps his bounds so much that he starts threatening to censor American television shows and late night hosts. Censorship is completely un-American…just like Donald Trump.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube