Vile Trump Supporter Humiliates Herself With Un-American Rant


Donald Trump tapped into working America’s anger, frustration, and fear over their own futures and those of their children. Money-hungry corporations shipped the good jobs available with a high school diploma offshore, pulling people’s opportunity to join the middle class out from under them. Unfortunately, they believed POTUS’ lies with this consequence.

A woman angrier than ever, because Trump has not come through but hoping against hope that he will, yelled into the microphone that she was willing to accept Trump as her “dictator:”

‘This is unbelievable:

‘Trump supporter At Steve Bannon’s Rally: “Never in my life did I think I’d like to see a dictator, but if there’s going to be one, I want it to be trump.”‘

Clearly, Republicans have been a do-nothing Congress. What this woman did not realize was that they simply turned their power over to Trump, and Democrats have actually been trying to protect her. Like the child of an abusive parent, this woman hopes that the president will protect her against the abuse he has poured over democracy. If that meant total surrender of all of her rights, then she was willing to have him as her dictator.

She still believed POTUS’ lies about the Democrats and his fictitious memorial wall along the nation’s southern border, because it was easier to blame a shadowy enemy than the enemy at home. At a Steve Bannon rally, she shouted:

‘I am so upset that we’ve got so much trash that is supposedly representing us in Washington!’

Former 2016 Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon presented a surprising voice of reason, saying that she could elect the Congress she wanted:

‘You can take the trash out.’

However, the tormented woman was not finished:

‘Never in my life did I think I’d like to see a dictator. But if there’s going to be one, I want it to be Trump!’

The room applauded her. Bannon smiled.

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