Cindy McCain Defeats Trump With Fiery Public Rebuke That Will Make Donald Cry


Little seems sacred in American politics these days. One of President Donald Trump’s newly favorite targets for criticism is former Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), who passed away last year from brain cancer. This Tuesday, his widow Cindy shared one of what’s no doubt many hateful messages she’s faced from random internet users she’s presumably never met and presumably never will. Considering the circumstances, it wouldn’t be far-fetched at all to assume the message is from a Trump supporter.

It reads:

‘Your husband was a traitorous piece of warmongering shit and I’m glad he’s dead. Hope your Mrs. Piggy looking daughter chokes to death on the next burger she stuffs down her fat neck, too, cunt.’

Cindy captioned it:

‘I want to make sure all of you could see how kind and loving a stranger can be. I’m posting her note for her family and friends could see.’

President Trump has gone after McCain after the emergence of new material relating to the allegations of connections between his team and Russia that former British spy Christopher Steele collected. Trump completely made up that McCain gave that dossier to the media in an effort to get it published before the election — in reality, the late Senator didn’t even get a copy of the material until after the election and he never gave it to the media, an aide did.

That hasn’t stopped the president from ranting about “stains” on McCain’s legacy all the same, telling reporters this week that he “was never a fan of John McCain and never will be.”

Although McCain isn’t the one whining about a recently deceased figurehead of American politics like he has nothing better to do, the feeling was definitely mutual, and journalist John Bresnahan joked that McCain would probably “get a kick out of the fact that he had been dead for 6 months but is still pissing off Trump.”

Although Cindy’s response to the newest round of hate her family has faced doesn’t single out the president directly, her daughter Meghan has repeatedly explicitly criticized the president at this point, seemingly at her wit’s end over the fact that the president of the United States spends his weekends obsessing over her family. She’s derided his thereby “pathetic” life.

Besides the McCains, Trump has also spent his time lately going after a host of essentially equally unworthy targets. This Wednesday morning, he decided to offer apparently unsolicited marriage advice for the Conways in the form of a tweet posted for tens of millions of people to see, claiming his longtime adviser Kellyanne’s husband George is “a stone cold LOSER & husband from hell” because he dares disagree with the direction of Trump’s administration.

That’s rich coming from the guy who’s failed his way through a wide array of campaign promises at this point while dragging the country’s finances through the gutter — and cheated and abused his way through three marriages.

Meghan McCain has suggested that her father gets on Trump’s nerves because he’s a symbol of honor the president will just never be, and she might be onto something.

Check out Twitter’s response…

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