Pelosi Announces Procedural Power Move Vote To Override Trump Veto


Donald Trump continues to make a historical power grab, trying to seize the power of the purse from the House of Representatives. Congress did not roll over. Instead, all the Senate Democrats and 12 Republican senators chewed up the president’s unlawful attempts to reallocate money from various agencies to pay for his memorial wall and spit them back at him. Trump overrode them with a veto. It was not over yet, though, because Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is on the job.

Unlike the former speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), Pelosi has been an intelligent powerhouse. She has numerous committees investigating the president, his family, his associates, and even his business. She knows that it has been within her power to “protect our Constitution.” As a result, Pelosi reminded people that there was an upcoming vote on March 26th to override Trump’s first and only veto:

‘On March 26, the House will once again act to protect our Constitution and our democracy from the President’s emergency declaration by holding a vote to override his veto. #FakeEmergency’

The House voted against Trump along partisan lines, then the legislation went to the Senate. After Trump vetoed the rebuke, it went back to the House. Pelosi called on the House Republicans to stand up and support their “sacred oath to support and defend the Constitution.” It will take a two-thirds vote to overrule POTUS’ veto:

‘House Republicans will have to choose between their partisan hypocrisy and their sacred oath to support and defend the Constitution. #FakeEmergency’

Senate Republicans broke with their leadership. Now, Pelosi has asked the House Republicans to do the same, do what was right. She noted that to do otherwise was “partisan hypocrisy:”

Twitter world caught on fire at Pelosi’s call to Constitutional arms. Check out some of our favorites below: