Pelosi Torches Trump With Constitution Quoting Takedown That Has Donald Seething


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tweeted a simple message Wednesday, aimed at protecting those who have been taking part in the DACA program:

‘Our immigrant community makes America more American. By passing #HR6, the Dream & Promise Act, we can allow communities nationwide to fully benefit from all these patriotic individuals have to offer. #ProtectTheDream’

Needless to say, Trumpsters came out of the woodwork with their racist rhetoric:

‘Not all of them want to be patriotic, Nancy. They want the welfare, the jobs and all the perks and some don’t want to become citizens. Some want to cause harm to USA and to the people. What part of they need to be LEGAL is so hard to understand? Oh right, dems want those votes.’

People saw right through that:

‘The #GOP loves it when you hate “The Others”.
It makes it much easier to pick your pockets. #GOPTaxScam #TrumpBudget #TrumpTaxScam’

‘We all came from somewhere else. Even His Highness’

‘This nation was built by immigrants. #ProtectTheDream’

Old lies, which have even been debunked by the well-known Koch founded Conservative think-tank the CATO Institute, came floating back to the surface:

‘I was just curious wanting to know who gave the government the right to give away free money to illegal aliens from hard working tax payer (sic) money?’

Pelosi also made sure Trump knew she and her colleagues would not be distracted from doing their jobs:

‘A note to @realDonaldTrump & his team: @HouseDemocrats are committed to performing our oversight duties as laid out by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution – and no amount of red tape will change that.’

‘And WE the PEOPLE thank-you very, very, much!!!!!’

‘Something more sinister has yet to be made public…of that I am certain.’

Featured Image via Flickr