Kushner’s Brother Disses Trump With Hilarious Move For Beto


Family matters, ah the stories, but when you are Jared Kushner the spotlight shines more brightly. The president’s son-in-law, who never speaks, was head of his father’s massive real estate company until he took an office close to Donald Trump’s. Jared’s father, Charles Kushner is a real peach. He hired a hooker to trap his own brother-in-law. Then, father Kushner sent the videotape to his sister and their children. Jared’s father went to prison for that stunt. It is hard to imagine a more perfect marriage of real estate businesses — but what about Jared’s brother?

Josh Kushner decided it would be a good plan to send then Representative Beto O’Rourke’s (D-TX) Senate campaign against Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) $2,600 in 2018, according to Axios. No one likes Cruz with the possible exception of his wife, so that could explain Josh’s action. However, given who his brother is, this was an odd move.

The venture capitalist is the younger brother of Ivanka’s husband, and O’Rourke is running against POTUS in the 2020 presidential election. When Trump took office there was a ripple effect on the entire Kushner family.

Jared’s new role immediately caused concern over possible offshore conflicts of interest. In addition, the family was as ruthless with “vulnerable tenants” as the Trump family was.

Charles Kushner immediately saw an opportunity to clean up his record, if Trump pardoned him. Thus far, that has not happened. One of their family friends said:

‘(Charles) Kushner even expressed hope, one close family friend said, that he might receive a pardon … A dozen years earlier, a sordid scandal stemming partly from a family falling-out had reduced the senior Mr. Kushner from real estate baron to felon making wallets at a prison camp in Alabama.’

Josh Kushner was against Trump, which caused a problem:

‘His younger brother, Josh, has opposed the Trump presidency, driving a wedge between the men in a family that prizes close ties.’

At a recent business party, Josh Kushner said this about last year with Trump in the family, “We survived Donald Trump:”

‘Tales of (Josh’s) distaste for the Trump administration continue to surface, most recently at a January party at Oscar, a health insurance firm that he helped found. According to one attendee, Josh Kushner listed the year’s challenges, concluding with a laugh: “We survived Donald Trump. Don’t tweet that. Really, don’t tweet that. I’ll get in so much trouble.”‘

New York’s Tenant Protection Unit opened an investigation into the Kushner family business. Axios reported:

More than a dozen current and former residents described “unlivable conditions” caused by renovations that included work after hours, incessant drilling, clouds of toxic dust, falling debris, and rat infestations. Seeking to convert the apartments into luxury condos, the Kushner Cos. also allegedly raised prices to the maximum level allowed under rent-stabilization rules, which together with the construction conditions caused 75% of the building’s apartments to be vacated or sold.’

Earlier, Josh Kushner donated $50,000 to the March for our Lives and appeared at the event with his model wife Karlie Kloss.