Special Conditions Of Manafort’s Prison Sentence Revealed


As news of the Mueller report’s release settles in and is analyzed thoroughly, one of his most famous indicted criminals’ sentencing reports was also released. Some of the mandates of his sentence are stunning.

In addition to the seven years Manafort was sentenced to prison, he was also mandated to submit to a mental health evaluation upon his release, serve three years supervised probation, and pay more than six million dollars in restitution fees.

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Manafort’s sentence still seems incredibly unfair, particularly so when one remembers that he was convicted of conspiring against his country. Meanwhile, a black mother who sent her child to a school outside the zone for her personal address has been sentenced to five years in prison this week. The inequity of the United States legal justice system is on full display in this comparison.

Manafort’s legal woes may not end upon his release, however. When he left the courtroom after his second sentencing, he was hit with indictments by the state of New York for additional, related crimes. Should he end up being convicted to jail time for those crimes, he cannot be pardoned by the president. The sentencing in state court may also be much lengthier than what he faces now.

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The reason for the mandate that he seek a mental health evaluation was not made clear. Other conditions, however, are self-explanatory. Manafort has led a life of crime for decades, so the provision that he commit no further crimes may actually have needed to be explained to him.

Image via documentcloud.org

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