Trump Goes Crazy Over John McCain In Bizarre Fox Interview (VIDEO)


President Donald Trump continues to define his time in office by his ruthless antagonism of his opponents — even the dead ones. In an interview with Fox’s Maria Bartiromo this week, he again lambasted former Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), getting even more outlandish than before. The interview came days after he ripped into the late Senator at a speech in a tank plant in Ohio, going so far as to complain that he wasn’t thanked for providing McCain with the funeral he wanted — although the National Cathedral insisted he had nothing to do with it.

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Bartiromo asked Trump:

‘You spent a good portion of your time in Ohio the other day trashing John McCain. Senator John McCain is dead — why are you doing this?’

The president, of course, had an answer for why it’s supposedly okay to trash talk a dead guy, which he’s been carrying on with since last weekend. It’s not even as though he’s stuck to some kind of substantive discussion of the merits or lack thereof in particular policies McCain brought forward. He’s just lobbing insults.

He told Bartiromo:

‘About three days ago it came out that his main person gave to the FBI the fake news dossier. It was a fake, it was a fraud, it was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. They gave it to John McCain who gave it to the FBI for very evil purposes. That’s not good.’

Watch below:

Trump is referring to the infamous collection of allegations of his team colluding with Russia in their efforts to tilt the election gathered by former British spy Christopher Steele. He’s concluded that McCain, as a sitting U.S. Senator and even member of a key Senate committee on national security, gave a copy of those allegations to the FBI because he was out to get Trump and not because he was concerned about the substance of the documents he faced.

There’s little place to go from that but to conclude that Trump takes the world as revolving around himself. The other day in Ohio, he claimed that McCain should have run the dossier by him before turning it into authorities. In other words, he wanted the Senator to ask a significant player in an alleged global conspiracy to influence American elections whether it was alright with them if McCain alerted authorities.

In Trump’s head, this place must really be a corrupt dictatorship or something, which explains a lot.

Talking to Bartiromo, he also slammed McCain for his infamous vote against the Senate GOP’s plans to repeal and replace Obamacare with something much slimmer, ranting:

‘And the other thing, he voted against repeal and replace. Now he’s been campaigning for years for repeal and replace. I’m not a fan… what he did to the Republican Party and the nation and to sick people that could have had great healthcare was not good.’

The irony in that statement runs deep. Just recently, his own administration released a budget that calls for stripping well over half a trillion dollars from Medicare and over a trillion from Medicaid, threatening the health coverage of untold numbers of Americans.

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