California Prosecutors Push Trump Investigation Into Warp Speed


Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report is in, but like in the game Crack the Whip, he has spun off investigation after investigation out into the country. We hear much about the renowned Southern District of New York (SDNY) office’s involvement. It is located in Manhattan, New York and has a long history of “high-profile prosecutions and personnel.” Yet, the East coast investigators were not alone in the quest for information in Mueller’s investigation. California prosecutors played a part of the investigation into Donald Trump, too.

Mueller’s probe was into the Russia attack on the U.S. presidential elections and the Trump campaign conspiracy with Moscow. Surprisingly, the spin-off investigations have landed as far as Los Angeles. The LA prosecutors have been working with the Southern District of New York.

The majority of all the Mueller investigations’ thrust was into the president, his family business, and a whole crowd of campaign advisers and known contacts. Mueller has delegated whole parts of his investigation from “Los Angeles to Brooklyn,” The Los Angeles Times:reported Only about 50 percent of them have been in the SDNY office.

Los Angeles investigators have been involved in the alleged mishandling of POTUS’ inauguration funds, according to the Los Angeles Times:

‘The Justice Department continues to investigate the business and political dealings of Elliott Broidy, a top fund-raiser for Mr. Trump’s campaign and inauguration, who tried to use his access to the Trump team to boost his businesses…federal investigators in Los Angeles have also taken part in the inquiry.’

The investigation into Roger Stone will be handled in Washington D.C.:

‘(Washington) will handle the prosecution of the Trump political adviser Roger J. Stone Jr., who was charged as part of Mr. Mueller’s investigation.’

Retired federal judge and former U.S. attorney in the Southern District during the Reagan and Carter years, John Martin Jr. said “almost everything Donald Trump did” was in the SDNY:

‘The important thing to remember is that almost everything Donald Trump did was in the Southern District of New York. He ran his business in the Southern District. He ran his campaign from the Southern District. He came home to New York every night.’

During a Fox Business Network interview with host Maria Brartiromo, Trump said his own attorneys did not get why people said he was under multiple investigations:

‘I said to my lawyers, “Are we being looked at here?” (My lawyers) don’t even know what people are talking about.

Former United States attorney in Manhattan and the first independent counsel in the Clinton’s Whitewater investigation Robert Fiske Jr. said the public should “absolutely” have confidence in all of the related investigations’ “integrity and independence:”

‘If the question is, should the public have confidence that there will be the same kind of integrity and independence in the Southern District of New York that there has been in the Mueller investigation, the answer is absolutely.’

Much of the Mueller investigation related to Donald Trump’s personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen. The attorney turned states’ evidence and worked with the special counsel’s investigators.