Pete Buttigieg Just Addressed A Foreign Reporter In His Native Tongue


One little-known Democratic candidate, Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, entered the 2020 presidential race with a big boom and now has everyone talking. The Harvard-educated and openly gay 37 year-old gave an hour-long CNN town hall which left many amazed.

One interesting fact about this millennial hopeful is that he can speak seven different languages including Norwegian. Buttigieg grew up with languages due to the fact that his mother, Anne Montgomery, is a linguist.

On a Saturday, a video appeared of Buttigieg on Twitter being asked by a Norwegian outlet to speak the language, and of course, astounding everyone, he did just that.

The first two Democratic debates will happen in June and July where there will be a mix of front-runners and long-shots. Buttigieg has large plans to distinguish himself though, saying:

‘I’m not like the others. And that’s going to be really important. The other thing is, “How much depth is there to your account of how America works, how politics works, and where the world is going in our lifetime?”‘

‘Mine will have to be an account of how the country and the world works, which makes more sense than what the others are saying.’

Here’s what the Twitter world had to say today:

Aside from Norwegian, Buttigieg speaks French, Spanish, Italian, Maltese, Arabic and Dari. Very few people in the U.S. can speak a second language so they are amazed when a presidential candidate can.

In Europe, over 90 percent of students learn a foreign language while only about one-fifth of American students do so.

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube