McConnell Pulls Ultimate Snake Move To Block Public From Mueller Report


Mitch McConnell is probably the most un-American politician in existence, and at a time when the country is divided into utter turmoil, what this nation really needs is someone with a backbone who isn’t driven by money and power.

After Mueller released his report last Friday, Democrats immediately got to work on legislation that would make the report public. That legislation was blocked today by the senate majority leader because he doesn’t want the America people to know what the president has been up to.

McConnell excused his heinous actions by saying:

“The special counsel and the Justice Department ought to be allowed to finish their work in a professional manner. To date, the attorney general has followed through on his commitments to Congress. One of those commitments is that he intends to release as much information as possible.”

Democrats are furious that one man can decide for the entire country what should or should not be known about Donald Trump.

Chuck Schumer said this on the House floor:

“Whether or not you’re a supporter of President Trump … there is no good reason not to make the report public. It’s a simple request for transparency. Nothing more, nothing less.”

People everywhere took to Twitter to express their grievances. Here are some of those messages.