Trump Curses Loudly & Goes Bonkers During Thursday Night Televised Meltdown


Donald Trump is not done talking about his “total exoneration” that wasn’t a total exoneration from the investigation into his campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia and Trump’s own obstruction of justice. He came all the way unhinged talking about it in Michigan.

On Thursday, Trump appeared at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and swore at Democrats for “ridiculous” conspiracy theories while his supporters, unironically, chanted “lock her up!”

According to Reuters, Trump told supporters:

‘After three years of lies and smears and slander, the Russia hoax is finally dead. The collusion delusion is over…The Russia witch hunt was a plan by those who lost the election to try and illegally regain power by framing innocent Americans – many of them, they suffered – with an elaborate hoax.’


Trump and the rest of the GOP whining about conspiracy theories is pretty hard to stomach after ten separate investigations by GOP-led committees exonerated Secretary Clinton and President Obama. Trump was still very much pushing that conspiracy theory during his presidential campaign.

The investigation into Trump’s presidential campaign and their communications with Russia was not a power grab, it was follow-up on reports of Trump’s campaign officials having improper communications with Kremlin officials, all of which were reported in the media and labeled “fake news,” but most of which turned out to have been true.

For Trump’s full Grand Rapids rally, see video below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube