Obama Holds Private Meeting With Muslim – Republicans Wig Out


President Obama is a beloved president, and that is a title that Donald Trump will never receive from anyone who doesn’t want his money. That’s why he hates Obama so much.

Rashida Tlaib is a freshman congresswoman who has made waves in the Republican Party for no other reason than she is a Muslim woman with brown skin. She also tends to be as real as they come, facing ongoing scrutiny for uttering the words “impeach the motherf*cker” her first day on the job.

So when Tlaib showed off a picture of her first meeting with President Obama, Republicans, including Trump, immediately went off the deep end about a Muslim uprising, despite Obama’s blatant Christianity.

Check out what Tlaib tweeted:

met with us new members of Congress and we had a thoughtful discussion about serving our country. The best part was when he looked straight at me and said, “I’m proud of you.”

Tlaib immediately was hit by a barrage of hate speech from Islamaphobic Twitter users like the ones we screenshotted for you below: