Alex Jones Gives Cringe-Worthy Excuse In Sandy Hook Deposition


In a last-ditch and pathetic effort to save his name and brand, InfoWars‘ Alex Jones has attempted to erase the massive pain and suffering he has caused with his controversial statements regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary school, in a newly unearthed sworn deposition.

His excuse for the vile commentary? “A form of psychosis.”

Watch the stunning videos below of the recorded questioning.

His lackadaisical demeanor will make your stomach churn as he’s shown comments from the past that he’s made, and when asked about them, states that he “doesn’t remember.”

Part I:

Infowars host Alex Jones was questioned for three hours by the lawyer of a Sandy Hook parent who has accused him of causing the victims’ families pain by claiming the shooting was a hoax. It did not go well for Jones.

Part II:

lawyer: (hands document to jones) you ever seen that before?

jones: (deep exhale implying agitation) I don’t remember.

lawyer: you’re not sure if you’ve seen this before?

Jones: no.’

At about the 30 second mark in Part I above, the lawyer explains that the document he has handed to Jones had a date and time stamp. When the lawyer states that the exhibit is dated “12-14-12” and asks Jones if he knows that was the date of the shooting, Jones replies “I don’t know? Was that the day?” If you notice his eyes and face, in general, Jones seems like he couldn’t care less and is failing to even take the questioning seriously.

The questioning comes as a result of a lawsuit brought on by parents of the shooting’s victims. A Connecticut judge ruled last month that Jones must sit for the sworn deposition, parts of which are up above.

In an interview with Connecticut’s WFSB-TV, one of the plaintiffs, Mark Barden, said the following:

‘”for years, alex jones and his co-conspirators have turned the unthinkable loss of our sweet little Daniel and so many others into advertising dollars and fundraising appeals.

it is far beyond time that he be held accountable for the pain his false narratives have caused so many and today’s ruling brings us one step closer to doing that.”‘

In addition to all of the horrendous commentary Jones had made regarding Sandy Hook over the years, the families who he attacked received threats of violence from listeners of InforWars. 

Last summer, Apple’s iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others all took action and removed Jones and his brand from their services. YouTube, in a statement, had the following to say about Jones’ removal:

‘When users violate … policies repeatedly, like our policies against hate speech and harassment or our terms prohibiting circumvention of our enforcement measures, we terminate their accounts.’

Facebook, in a statement, stated in part:

‘Upon review, we have taken it down for glorifying violence … and using dehumanizing language to describe people who are transgender, Muslims and immigrants, which violates our hate speech policies.’

Eventually, during the deposition, Jones acknowledged that the Sandy Hook shooting was not a hoax and was, indeed, real. In part, he blamed “trauma” of the “media and corporations” lying “so much” like a “child whose parents lie to them over and over again.” What?

Here are some of the pathetic things he stated in the deposition:

‘I, myself, have almost had like a form of psychosis back in the past where I basically thought everything was staged, even though I’ve now learned a lot of times things aren’t staged.

‘So I think as a pundit, someone giving an opinion, that, you know, my opinions have been wrong, but they were never wrong consciously to hurt people.’

Both of the lawsuits that Jones faces are seeking $1 million in damages relating to a severe degree of psychological pain that the families have said they’ve suffered as a result of Jones’ statements. In addition to these two major lawsuits, families of six additional shooting victims, as well as an FBI agent who responded to the shooting are also suing him.

Per the lawsuits, obtained by CNN:

‘Defendants’ defamatory publications were designed to harm the Plaintiffs’ reputation and subject the Plaintiffs to public contempt, disgrace, ridicule, or attack.

‘Defendants acted with actual malice. Defendants’ defamatory statements were knowingly false or made with reckless disregard for the truth or falsity of the statements at the time the statements were made.’

If anything was learned with this news, it’s that speculation that Alex Jones is crazy has been confirmed. Keep in mind that Donald Trump has also voiced his agreement and admiration for Jones and InfoWars.

The Law of Attraction states that ‘like attracts like,’ after all.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.