James Comey Just Announced His Bid For The Presidency In 2020


Donald Trump really had a good time giving his former FBI director James Comey the shaft. The way the former director found out that he was fired was that it scrolled by on a television screen while Comey was giving a speech to some of his California-based agents. That was not much of a joke, but Trump probably enjoyed it. Then, the president gave former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe a very bad time for letting Comey fly back on the same governmental jet that flew him out. Again, that might have been fun for Trump, but what is Comey’s idea of fun?

The former FBI director just posted a carefully worded cryptic tweet, which was just what we might have expected from him. In it, he says simply “I’m in:”

‘I’m in. We need someone in the middle. #2020’

Of course, people wonder whether he was serious given the date, April Fools’ Day. The photo attached to the tweet showed the tall, tall man standing in the middle of an empty highway. The tweet showed him standing with one foot on each side of the yellow dividing line down the center of the highway. The symbolism was clear: he was definitely in the middle.

There was what looked like a field of cornstalks on one side and a farm on the left with a blazing red maple tree, so this was probably taken last fall — so few clues.

Was Comey serious, though? Did the man in the middle just announce he was running for president against Donald Trump in 2020? That would be rich. Or was he playing a joke on all of us, especially POTUS?

Right after Mueller released his report to Trump’s one-month-old attorney general hack William Barr, the former director and author posted a photo of himself standing in some tall trees. The caption read “so many questions.”

Indeed, so many questions.

Twitter world went wild. Check out some of our favorites below: