Eric Trump Throws Twitter-Fit Just Like Daddy & Regrets It In Seconds


On Tuesday, The Washington Post published a story revealing that Mr. Trump’s company owed $36,200 in delinquent property taxes on its California golf course until Monday – when Trump’s company paid the debt after The Post made it known.

Eric Trump went on Twitter to attack The Washington Post over the matter, saying:

‘The @WashingtonPost is a disgraceful paper that has zero regard for journalistic integrity. They are everything that is wrong with the media in this country.’

Eric Trump works as the executive vice president of the Trump Organization. The company declined to say why the taxes had gone unpaid. According to The Washington Post though:

‘The unpaid taxes were for two parcels of land, totaling about 25 acres, at Trump’s course in Rancho Palos Verdes. The parcels are crucial to the Trump Organization’s future at the course: They include land where the company plans to develop and sell 23 new home lots.’

On Monday, a reporter noticed the unpaid taxes on a government website which prompted The Post to ask the Trump Organization about it. Later that day, the outstanding bills were paid.

Twitter had plenty of opinions on the matter:

It was also reported that this was the second year in a row that the Trump Organization had missed a deadline to pay the taxes on the two parcels in California. Last year, the company paid about $3500 in late penalties.

In addition to California, Trump’s company also missed some early-bird deadlines in Florida which affected the bills for the Mar-a-Lago Club and three golf clubs, and increased the company’s Florida tax bills by about $30,000.

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube