Hillary Responds To Trump’s Tweet About Puerto Rico & It’s Badass


What would the world look like if Secretary Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 presidential election? Sure, she had her flaws including an annoying smugness about taking her place as the first female president. One thing is certain, though, if she had become President Hillary Clinton, she would have been prepared. Donald Trump flies by the seat of his pants making detours for his destructive racism and petty revenge.

Clinton called Trump out for his horrid mishandling in the aftermath of the worst hurricane in recent history, Hurricane Maria. The storm decimated Puerto Rico, and 3,000 people died, more people than in 9/11. The reasons so many died was that POTUS does not like people of color, he was incompetent, and he was completely indifferent to their dilemma.

The secretary tweeted:

‘Facts: – Puerto Ricans are Americans. – Puerto Ricans have not received $91 billion in aid. – Puerto Rico is still waiting for the help its government should provide as they rebuild after 3,000 deaths and horrific damage.’

Clinton was referring to Trump’s earlier tweet claiming that he had given Puerto Rico $91 billion. She noted that figure just was not true. Yet, the man occasionally sitting in the Oval Office tweeted:

‘Puerto Rico got 91 Billion Dollars for the hurricane, more money than has ever been gotten for a hurricane before, & all their local politicians do is complain & ask for more money. The pols are grossly incompetent, spend the money foolishly or corruptly, & only take from USA….’

Trump has a grudge against Puerto Rico’s leaders, who only did their jobs. They asked for aid and then demanded it. Then, the president claimed in his odd capitalization style that Congress should pass the bill for the sake of “our Farmers and States:”

‘….The best thing that ever happened to Puerto Rico is President Donald J. Trump. So many wonderful people, but with such bad Island leadership and with so much money wasted. Cannot continue to hurt our Farmers and States with these massive payments, and so little appreciation!’

Clinton’s facts were accurate. Trump’s were just lies upon lies.

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