Racist Store Clerk Abuses Spanish-Speaking Customer — Karma Hits Quick


Racists keep running into the reality of the world around them in particularly eye-catching ways. Last week at a Shell gas station in northern California, a racist employee lost it when a woman walked into the store and had a brief conversation in Spanish with another employee, who had greeted them in the language.

Greyca Moran, the targeted customer, caught some of the interaction on camera after she realized how serious the employee actually was, and she also reported the racist harassment to local police, who confirmed they got information about the incident. She was holding her baby when the racist shouted her down. The racist employee was fired the day of the incident, according to a manager at the gas station, who referred further questions to someone higher up on the corporate chain. They said she’d only been employed for 2-3 months prior to her meltdown.

Moran shared:

‘I was born here, raised here, and I never thought in a million years it was going to happen to me. I hear stories, I see videos, but I never thought it was going to happen to me.’

The ranting employee offered commentary like that “you talk in English because this is America” and “Trump needs to hurry up and build the wall.” She also demanded proof of Moran’s citizenship, asserting without any evidence whatsoever that she was not really a U.S. citizen.

Watch the meltdown:

In other words — the rhetoric that President Donald Trump offers on a consistent basis from the White House is having a tangible effect on less high-profile elements of American society. His demands for tougher scrutiny of immigrants and baseless assertions that they pose a criminal threat to the United States greater than the average white guy are making life harder for the many millions of recent immigrants to the United States, undocumented or otherwise.

As Moran noted, there is a consistent stream of confrontations like the one she ended up in this past week. One California man recently lost it in a widely shared, caught-on-camera incident over a Spanish word on the sign for a taco restaurant, asserting at the time that he was going to call immigration authorities and traumatizing those he targeted in the process.

Again, it’s Donald Trump who has pushed the idea for years now that immigration authorities should step up their game, rising to prominence in large part on the ideas that he would build a wall blocking off Mexico and deport millions of undocumented immigrants, no matter what threat they actually posed or what stage of the documentation process they were at. Concurrently, separating Donald Trump from the turmoil that those who happen to not be white continue to find themselves embroiled in across the United States is impossible.

He’s still at it, too. In recent days, he has threatened to completely close the border with Mexico over a growing influx of asylum seekers, seemingly refusing to confront the possibility of doing something productive to help the people showing up at the border seeking refuge from violence. Nope — Trump just wants to put them in cages, behind a wall, or use some other physical response to literally try and push the issue somewhere else.

Featured image via screenshot