Trump Supporter Goes Mega-Viral For Racist Freakout (VIDEO)


President Donald Trump attracts only a very particular type of person to his side to the point that Hillary Clinton was onto something when she suggested they’re a “basket of deplorables,” a term that the president’s base has embraced heartily since its emergence. At an Arizona Trump rally, a vehement supporter of the president was caught on tape launching into an outlandish, vulgar, and racist rant against demonstrators making their opposition to the belligerent businessman’s rise known at least in part through the apparent presence of a Mexican flag.

Trump rose to prominence in large part on the back of his claim that immigrants from Mexico harbor an unnaturally large portion of criminals, and he’s stuck to that line for the years he’s been in the public eye, most recently threatening to close the entire United States’ southern border unless Central American nations took more drastic steps to curb the flow of supposedly threatening asylum seekers fleeing violence. This Trump supporter caught on tape losing his top drove the president’s hatred down even further.

He ranted:

‘Get the fuck out of here! Our country motherfucker! Our country! I’m a proud fucking American! Made in USA bitch! Made in fucking USA! Go fucking cook my burrito bitch! Go fucking make my tortilla, motherfuckers. And build that fucking wall. For me! Trump! I love Trump!’

Watch the meltdown:

Apparently the protesters — at least part of whom were apparently Hispanic — got to the angry Arizonan, named Zackary Fisher.

Fisher claims that the group he was targeting engaged in the vitriol too, supposedly claiming they were going to “take this country over” and spitting on him. Fisher has claimed he regrets his behavior and feels “horrible” — but told local media that “he is not a racist but was just standing up for his country.”

Wow, where would we all be without the big burly vulgar guys shouting about tacos until they’re red on the street corner. Where would we be. Thank you for your service, Mr. Fisher.

The incident is hardly unique among instances of Trump supporters running into the real world. Recently, in a particularly high-profile incident, an angry Californian man said he would be calling immigration authorities as part of a lengthy meltdown sparked by… wait for it… a single Spanish word on the sign for a Mexican restaurant.

Apparently tacos really get to these people. Maybe that can be the next protest movement — standing outside the White House and eating tacos. Would the Trump team claim the consumption as an act of aggression?

While that question remains unanswered, President Trump continues to thrash the nation and world with his angry racist rhetoric.

There is no evidence for his claims that undocumented immigrants — or any immigrants that he’s targeted — pose a special criminal threat to the United States above that of the average white guy like Zackary Fisher. Confronted with the complete lack of supportive data during a press conference announcing a national emergency declaration over the supposed crisis at the southern border, Trump claimed the crime is out there and just unreported, with nothing to go on but his racism.

Featured Image via screenshot