Nancy Pelosi Torches GOP During Fiery Wednesday Twitter Blast


We knew when Speaker Nancy Pelosi took back her iron gavel of power, she’d be a busy woman. However, she was in overdrive today after a long day on Wednesday inside the Capitol building. It started out business as usual; however, she ended the day with some harsh words for “President” Donald Trump.

She started off her day attending an address from NATO Secretary-General Jens Stolenberg. Including a video, she tweeted:

‘It’s a pleasure to welcome NATO Secretary-General @jensstolenberg to the U.S. Capitol ahead of his address to a joint meeting of Congress.’

In the video, she spoke giving her thanks to our NATO allies. Remember, Trump has harshly criticized NATO. Pelosi remarked that they would “reaffirm” the commitment to NATO.

She also shared a video of the address from Stoltenberg.

Her day didn’t end there. In several tweets, she defended the healthcare protections that were afforded to the people of the United States through the Affordable Care Act. An important provision of the Affordable Care Act made it illegal for insurance companies to refuse coverage to individuals based on pre-existing conditions. She tweeted it had been their mission from day one of the new Congress to protect those with pre-existing conditions.

‘On day one of this Congress, the House voted to intervene in GOP’s Texas v. US lawsuit, which would destroy pre-existing condition protections & much more. Back then, more than 190 House Republicans refused to vote to protect health care for American families. #ProtectOurCare’

The lawsuit she speaks of is a lawsuit in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit that would do away with the Affordable Care Act. According to the New York Times, a judge ruled that it was unconstitutional and “invalidated it” back in December. It has since been appealed. The lawsuit is supported by the White House, of course.

Pelosi went on to tweet that House Democrats voted in favor of a resolution calling out Trump and his administration for trying to take away health coverage from millions of Americans.

‘Moments ago, the House sent a clear message: the Trump DOJ must end its support for Texas v. US & stop its vicious attack on Americans’ health care. Yet 185 Republicans showed they agree with President Trump attacking people with pre-existing conditions & worse. #ProtectOurCare’

What’s important to note is Republicans have said in the recent past they support the protection of those with pre-existing conditions; however, their actions say otherwise. Though the resolution they passed does nothing to truly protect the Affordable Care Act, what it does is show which Republicans voted against it.

Pelosi finished her tweets with a promise – that Democrats would fight to the end to protect the Affordable Care Act. She tweeted:

‘House Democrats will fight relentlessly in court & in the Congress to protect and strengthen these lifesaving protections from the GOP’s attacks, as well as continuing our work to lower health costs & prescription drug prices for all. #ProtectOurCare’

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.