Secret Service Responds To Mar-a-Lago Spy & Trump Is Humiliated Again


On Tuesday, it was reported that the Secret Service arrested a Chinese woman with two foreign passports, four cell phones, and a malware-laden thumb drive after she allegedly lied her way past security at Mr. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club.

In response to the incident, the Secret Service issued a statement saying:

‘The Secret Service does not determine who is invited or welcome at Mar-a-Lago; this is the responsibility of the host entity.’ Secret Service Responds To Mar-a-Lago Spy & Trump Is Humiliated Again Crime Donald Trump National Security Social Media Top Stories Videos

The statement went on to say:

‘The Mar-a-Lago Club management determines which members and guests are granted access to the property. This access does not afford an individual proximity to the President or other Secret Service protectees. In such instances additional screening and security measures are employed. With the exception of certain permanently protected facilities, such as the White House, the practice used at Mar-a-Lago is no different than that long-used at any other site temporarily visited by the President or other Secret Service protectees.’

U.S. Secret Service went on to explain in the statement that on March 30, 2019, an individual was granted access by Mar-a-Lago staff the property. However, after Secret Service staff escorted the person to the next screening checkpoint, they determined that she should not have been authorized access and took immediate action to arrest her.

The Associated Press reported that the woman:

‘lied to Secret Service agents and briefly gained admission to President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club over the weekend during his Florida visit, federal prosecutors allege in court documents.’

Yujing Zhang, 32, approached a Secret Service member outside Mar-a-Lago saying that she was a member who wanted to use the pool, and used her passports as identification.

Zhang wasn’t on the membership list, but a club manager thought she was the daughter of a member. When asked about it, Zhang did not answer definitely but agents thought there might be a language barrier and decided to admit her anyway.

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube