Mitch McConnell Bombarded By Relentless Heckling Protestors


Without a backward glance, Senate Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) traded Donald Trump the strength of his co-equal Senate for a rash of conservative judges. For two years, McConnell has endorsed all of POTUS’ crude behavior, inhumane treatment of people of color, and even the deaths of Puerto Ricans exceeding those of 9/11 compounded by Trump’s incompetence and racism. The majority leader has taken his seat for granted throughout all of this, but maybe he should not have done that.

Voters have become much more knowledgable as a result of Trump’s presidential win. Now, they watch how their senators and representatives vote and more. A group of McConnell’s constituents just protested one of his events:

‘Protestors interrupt Mitch McConnell’s introduction of Sen. Tim Kaine at U of L.’

A dozen protesters interrupted the Kentucky senator when he came to campus to give a speech. They sang an old coal miner’s union protest song “Which side are you on” as they walked out of the ballroom at the University of Louisville, which happens to be the senator’s alma mater.

The protesters were part of the Louisville Hub of the Sunrise Movement. The movement is a national climate change organization, according to WSMV News 4, an NBC affiliate.

One of the protesters shouted:

‘If you expect our leadership, why don’t you stand with us?’

She was protesting the senator’s links to the fossil fuel industry. Kentucky has been a top coal industry producer.

When McConnell was on the Senate floor recently, he said:

‘This might sound like a neat idea in places like San Francisco or New York, the places that the Democratic Party seems totally focused on these days. But communities practically everywhere else would be absolutely crushed.’

The group posted a tweet afterward saying:

‘We have a right to speak our opinion and voice the urgency of stopping the climate crisis. If the only way we, your constituents, can reach you is through events like this, then we will show up.’

Twitter world lit up. Check out some of our favorites below: