Republican Gets Grilled On Twitter Over Defending Trump’s Border ‘Nazism’


In what has turned out to be a juicy and heated exchange between MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and GOP chairman Matt Mackowiak, an argument on refugees at the Southern border has proven just how redundant Trump’s loyalists are.

Earlier today the Travis County GOP chairman made remarks regarding Beto O’Rourke’s (D-TX) comparing Donald Trump’s language about refugees and asylum seekers to Nazism.

O’Rourke was referring to Trump’s continued rhetoric and word choice when he’s talking about refugees trying to enter our country on the Mexico border. He has referred to immigrants an “drug dealer, rapists,” has called them “animals” (see the video above), and has, on multiple occasions said that they are “invaders” or are “invading.”

None of this true and is just for political purposes. This, however, doesn’t mean that it isn’t dangerous and just who is he, allegedly, trying to communicate to? Those in his base who identify as far-right and, in some cases, extremists.

Michael Bradley, a writer at ABC News, wrote an op-ed in 2016, which compared differences and commonalities between Trump and Hitler In regards to Trump’s base and his firing-up of his base, he stated in part:

‘A mob doesn’t think; it feels. Its members have fully engaged the emotional parts of their brains, and everything else is temporarily switched off. A mob can do things which its constituents would never individually contemplate and of which they are later ashamed; the testimonies of people who participated in such horrors as the Rwandan genocide and, yes, what the Nazis did, provide plentiful evidence of this. Much of history is a record of lynchings, witch hunts, pogroms and genocides, all perpetrated by ordinary people who one day lost their moral bearings and became a mob.’

Having none of it, the MSNBC news anchor chimed in:

Feeling cornered and out-done (Hayes has almost 2 million Twitter followers and Mackowiak has just 22 thousand), Mackowiak replied, furthering the spat:

Naturally, Twitter lit up and others jumped on board to take down the loser Republican consultant and strategist. Again, feeling like the loser that he is, he softened his tone and ending the spat, tweeting:

Here are some of the best replies from Twitter:

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.