Trump Attacks NY Times On Twitter & Gets Humiliated Instantly


The president is a desperate man. He is also a pathological liar. Donald Trump has told more lies than any other leader in history, and he seemingly doesn’t care about being called out for it. Trump ignores reports on his record number of falsehoods, and instead turns his focus to things he thinks he can get away with, like attacking an American media staple.

Trump just tweeted this about the NY Times after their report on the Mueller team speaking out because the collusion report was seemingly blocked by AG Barr:

NY Times has never apologized for their coverage of Trump. What Trump is referring to is when the publication issued a retraction on one of their Trump stories because new news had come to light. The story was not fabricated, and retractions happen all the time.

Always have.

People on Twitter immediately made the president feel like a giant idiot, and you just know he reads every single comment in his constant down-time. Check out the best comments left on Trump’s tweet below: