Trump Mocks Biden With Edited Apology Video On Twitter


The president is petty, and by now, we all know this to be true. His daily Twitter tantrums have become a reliable drama unfolding like an embarrassing reality show. You know the ones, with the bad actors pretending they’re not acting. Trump just loves to pick at people when he should be running the country, and today is no different.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has had a rough week. He has been confronted by basically everyone in the country, in one way or another, and says he has gained a new awareness of his actions that he apologized for in a video he released to the public.

The president of the United States just tweeted out an edited version of that video:

The video, while well done, doesn’t really diminish the fact that Joe Biden’s apology was heartfelt, and his reasoning for his behavior is what most people who know him, know to be true. He is very loving and sympathetic. He is very affectionate, even a close-talker.

That didn’t stop Trump from acting like a common citizen and retweeting a video that had been circulating all morning Thursday. People on Twitter agreed. Below are some of the responses this tweet garnered: