Trump Motorcade Films Arrival At Border & The Turnout Is Embarrassing


The president will do anything in his power to make people think that he is beloved and that people support his ridiculous fake national security declaration on the southern border with Mexico. Nothing could be further from the truth, which is why the president likely had to send a few dozen people out to Calexico, California Friday to meet him there for photo ops.

This is what Donald tweeted before leaving for Calexico:

Check out what Donald just tweeted upon arriving in Calexico:

People on Twitter went berserk almost immediately at the stupidity of Donald Trump and the Americans stupid enough to support his every whim. To these people, it doesn’t matter that the president is under multiple criminal investigations, or that he acts like a petulant child every time he speaks.

They just want their border wall because they are racist and therefore terrified of anything brown. Check out some of the comments Trump got on his tweet for an idea of just how hated the president ACTUALLY is: