Trump Spirals Into Mental Episode During Border Emergency Roundtable


The president is in Calexico, California Friday afternoon to hold a roundtable group on border safety and the alleged national emergency taking place right now on the southern border with Mexico. Immediately when the LIVE stream started, the president began fumbling over his words, and chopping up one of his classic word salads.

Next to him sat law enforcement and border patrol officials who seemingly looked baffled by the president’s lack of sense-making. The encounter was awkward, to say the least.

Check it out here:

Aside from him constantly promising that there is, in fact, an invisible emergency at the border, the funniest part is when he said he “inherited this stuff,” referring to the current state of illegal immigration, which was at a record low when Obama left office.

People on Twitter immediately pounced on the president’s words. We saved the best reactions to Trump’s LIVE stream tweet below: