Trump Went To California To Visit Border Wall Section Approved By Obama


Donald Trump’s promise to build a massive border wall and make Mexico pay for it was the source of jokes and laughter in 2016. After Friday’s visit to that wall that Trump promised, the jokes and laughter got even louder.

Trump touted the visit as one to check on “his” new border wall. However, the people of Calexico, California were likely confused by his statements.

According to NBC:

‘That may come as a surprise to residents of the border city, who have lived with fencing for decades.

‘In the 1990s, metal scraps and landing mats were recycled to build fencing. In 2009, Obama-era officials identified the project for an upgrade, Customs and Border Protection officials have said.

The “new” section was actually approved in 2009 under a different president, the one Trump has insisted was all about open borders. Numbers, however, don’t lie. Illegal immigration was at its lowest point in decades under Obama and Trump’s endless demands to close the border have done nothing more than drive frightened, starving immigrants back to the border to try again while they still have a chance.

That “new” section of fencing is not Trump’s, although his secretary of homeland security stroked his ego by adding a plaque with the Trump name emblazoned on it.

‘U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen visited the Calexico fences last fall, and had a plaque attached to the fence.

‘”This plaque was installed on October 26, 2018, to commemorate the completion of the first section of President Trump’s border wall,” the plaque reads, below the presidential seal, Trump’s name, and several officials’ names.’

The con is Trump’s personal “art of the deal,” similar to the way he did business before the presidency. There is no new wall; instead, there are sections of repaired fencing that existed long before Trump threw his hat in the 2020 ring.

‘During his first year in office, Trump signed an executive order calling for the wall to be built. He built and unveiled eight border wall prototypes in 2017. Some were concrete structures like he’d promised and some were steel fences like the border authorities had requested. All were demolished earlier this year.

‘To date, the administration only completed the repair and replacement of older border fencing, all while claiming that the president’s promise to build a brand new, concrete wall is being kept.’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube