Trump Continues Saturday Tweet-Spasm Like An Insecure Criminal


Another Saturday, that must mean Donald Trump is tweeting. And, he is.

It seems as though he’s hell-bent on redirecting the general public’s opinion on the yet-to-be-released and seemingly MIA Muller Report into Russian meddling in our 2016 presidential election.

Trump has blown another gasket today, because within the timespan of just one week, the House Judiciary, Intelligence and Oversight committees all have ramped up their efforts in different areas pertaining to Trumps finances, policy agenda and campaign, according to Politico.

In his latest efforts to allude the public with his magic, tiny hands, Trump has jumped on the ‘Nothing to see here’ band wagon that his base and politically-leaning (bought? sold? compromised?) pundits have created.

Trump tweeted the above tweet with a clip from NY Post and the headline “Give Up, Trump-Haters.” His tweet links here, to an article titled “NY Times, Washington Post are still disgracefully enabling ‘Collusion Delusion.” The article is claimed to be penned by “Post Editorial Board,” but based on the out-of-touch headline, one can’t help but wonder if it’s really Don Trump Jr., in disguise. We’re on to you, Don Jr.!

The article, in typical NY Post fashion, is a total fluff-piece that Donald Trump himself could have easily written. The whole thing can be summarized by it’s last two paragraphs:

‘…But die-hard Trump haters can’t let go, and their media and political enablers don’t want to disappoint them. (Thus Rep. Jerry Nadler’s grand show of threatening to subpoena the full Mueller report.)

Much of the news media, and many top Democrats, already have egg on their faces, thanks to Mueller’s findings. It’s astounding that they’re trying to recover by digging the hole deeper.’

This article, like anyone in Trump’s inner-circle, is very bold in its assertions, as just last week New York Times revealed that some of the Russian report investigators who worked alongside Robert Muller feel that Attorney General William Barr’s ‘summary’ “failed to adequately portray the findings of their inquiry.”

In addition, those same investigators stated that what they found was “more troubling for President Trump” than what Barr “indicated.”

Trump can tweet all he’d like and use Exhibits A-Z (not sure a NY Post clip would hold up in court) until he’s blue in the face, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he lives in fantasy land. Nor does it take away the fact that 87% of the American public wants the Mueller report to be made public.

We can’t help but wonder if there’s devastating news for Trump right around the corner, based on his tweet-spasms the past 48 hours.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.