Trump Condemns Iranian Govt. As Terrorists, Iran Just Responded


The United States’ has always tried to play the good guys in its wars, when in fact, there were times when it was not. POTUS does not read and may not have been a very good student. We know this because he sent out his personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen to threaten his schools. That means Trump does not understand politics and how the government functions. Neither can he learn from any American or world history. With Donald Trump at the helm of this great nation, there are big problems.

After we labeled the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) terrorists, the U.S.’s Central Command (CENTCOM) was deemed a terrorist organization. The SNSC, which is led by President Hassan Rouhani, called the U.S. a “terrorist government,” and Trump’s action “an illegal and dangerous action:”

‘(It was a) major threat to regional and international peace and security and grossly violates the rules of international law. (SNSC blacklisted) CENTCOM and all its affiliates a terrorist group” to reciprocate Washington’s controversial decision to designate the IRGC as a terrorist organization.’

Political commentator Seyed Mostafa Khoshchashm told Fars News (FNA) that Saudi Arabia, Israel, and terrorist groups would be happy with this U.S. action. Those terrorists included the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS and DAESH):

‘The IRGC has been a main party in annihilating terrorism in the region. In other words, all the world states are forced by Trump to pay the costs of his undigested and ill-assessed policy making moves.’

Khoshchashm noted that much of the world has been indifferent to the terrible cost of this decision.

Rouhani’s top security agency issued a formal statement condemning CENTCOM for hurting Iran’s national security and ruining the lives:

‘(Of) innocent Iranian and non-Iranian individuals. The Islamic Republic of Iran regards this baseless move as a major threat to regional and international peace and security and a blatant violation of the compelling rules of international law and the United Nations Charter.’

The statement called out the U.S. for being part of the death of people in Yemen, saying:

‘(The U.S.) has always been advocates of extremist groups and terrorists in West Asian region. (Take responsibility for) the dangerous consequences of its adventures.’