Trump Makes Fun Of Official’s Ears With Playground Bully Taunt


According to new information coming from various officials within the Trump orbit, the insecure president had a strange obsession with his ex-Secret Service Director, Randolph “Tex” Alles. Strange because the focus was on the man’s ears. The New York Times was the first to report on this strange obsession.

Earlier today the White House announced that Alles is being replaced by James M. Murray as the new director of the Secret Service. This comes one day after the unsurprising departure of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson.

Per NBC News:

‘An administration official said the decision to seek the resignation of Alles was made 10 to 14 days ago — before a March 28 incident in which a Chinese woman was arrested at Mar-a-Lago without an invitation, touching off security concerns. The woman, Yujing Zhang, was carrying a thumb drive containing malicious software.

“This was not based on any single event,” the official said, adding that Alles was told Trump was preparing to make changes in leadership throughout DHS, of which the Secret Service is one component.

Donald Trump allegedly referred to Alles as “Dumbo” because of his ears, once the president seemingly decided to dislike the man some time ago, according to the New York Times article. Once Trump had decided he’d (Alles) be gone soon, the names began to fly, as typical of Trump whenever things don’t seem to go his way.

Per The New York Times:

‘Mr. Alles, a retired Marine major general who goes by Tex and was the first person from outside the Secret Service to head the agency in more than a century, received instructions 10 days ago to come up with an exit plan and was expected to leave on his own timeline, according to officials familiar with the discussions. The president had soured on Mr. Alles a while ago, even making fun of his looks, calling him Dumbo because of his ears, two officials said.’

If anyone is keeping track, “Dumbo” needs to be added to this immature president’s long list of 3rd grade name-calling. As Chris Christie once said, and is also said above: Trump doesn’t give nicknames to people he respects.

‘If he respects you, you don’t get a nickname, because he’s afraid what’s going to come back.’

Not surprised.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.