Trump Makes An Ass Of Himself On Twitter Like An Old Bigot


It would be interesting to see who can send tweets under the real Donald Trump Twitter account. Trump responds to whatever Fox News has been attacking, and his tweets tend to be all over the place. Occasionally though, a tweet appears that was clearly written by another person. These tend to be about obscure and not-so-obscure days of recognition. Does POTUS’ first tweet come from him or from some other shadow person?

The president’s Twitter account celebrated “National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day:”

‘On National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day, we honor the Americans captured and imprisoned by foreign powers while carrying out their duties to defend this great Nation…’

Then, the real Trump came back on the phone and condemned “Congresswoman Omar” (D-MN). He wrote that she targeted “Jews, in this case Stephen Miller:”

‘“What’s completely unacceptable is for Congesswoman’ Omar to target Jews, in this case Stephen Miller.” Jeff Ballabon, B2 Strategic, CEO. @Varneyco’

Trump has given 33-year-old Miller, who is a White Nationalist and a top aide, the freedom to handle Homeland Security and the border crisis. Real presidents of democracies do not attack members of Congress or let White Nationalists manage refugees. This White House aide was also the author of Trump’s ban on incoming Muslims shortly after the presidential inauguration.

Then, 45 retweeted a video that addressed ranking member of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee Representative, Devin Nunes’ (R-CA), intent and act of sending Attorney General (AG) William Barr eight criminal referrals.

When Nunes was the chair of the Intelligence Committee, he served as Trump’s water boy and mole. In that role, he investigated POTUS’ accusations against the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Nunes told Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures that five referrals had to do with the crime of lying to and misleading Congress plus leaking classified information. The former chair noted that his other referrals included a general atmosphere of leaking, lying to the FISA court — which issues foreign surveillance warrants, and manipulating intelligence.

Apparently, Nunes is still working for Trump, because his request (from Congress) will lead directly to a criminal investigation into the Justice Department and the FBI. He said, according to CBS affiliate WTVR in California:

‘We couldn’t really send these criminal referrals over without an Attorney General in place, so we are prepared this week to notify the Attorney General that we are prepared to send those referrals over and brief him if he wishes to be briefed. We think they’re pretty clear, but as of right now this is, this may not be all of them, but this cleans up quite a bit. We have eight referrals that we are prepared to send over to the Attorney General this week.’

After that, Trump retweeted a FOX video clip of and quote from Israeli lobbyist Jeff Ballabon. The lobbyist handed the president more “evidence” of Omar “assaulting Jews:”

‘“She (Congresswoman Omar) keeps on assaulting Jews…”
Jeff Ballabon, B2 Strategic, CEO ‘

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