Warner Bros. Pictures Announces Lawsuit Against Trump


Donald Trump has never been above tooting his own horn, but the propaganda video he posted on his Twitter account on Tuesday is a bold move even for a president who claims to be the greatest everything of all time. Shots of President Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Hollywood celebrities who have expressed dislike for Trump flash in between video of Trump walking, Trump talking, and Trump hanging with dictators.

The music that plays behind the video, which has no dialogue, had many Twitter users wondering where they had heard it before.

Trump’s propaganda video uses the score from Warner Bros. The Dark Knight Rises, which is frightening enough in its implications. It is also illegal, as the video’s maker does not appear to have permission to use the music, written by Hans Zimmer, at all.

Buzzfeed News reports that:

‘Warner Bros. Pictures is filing a copyright infringement complaint to have the video taken down because it uses part of the score from the studio’s 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises.’

Trump has been called out by many music artists, including Elton John and R.E.M., for using their music without permission. Warner Bros. intends to file a copyright claim, which means that the video will most likely not be around much longer.

‘The roughly two-minute video juxtaposes brief shots of prominent Democrats — from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to comedians Rosie O’Donnell and Amy Schumer — against images of Trump from his first two years in office, including his meetings with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and Brazil’s far-right president Jair Bolsonaro.’

The video is also not Trump’s or anyone on his social media campaign team’s creation. Instead, it was copied from Reddit and created by someone who also had no permission to use the score.

‘The video appears to be lifted from a YouTube video posted to a Reddit thread on /r/The_Donald. The video by MateyProductions cites Zimmer’s score, but it’s unclear if permission to use it was obtained.’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube