Trump Rages About Obama Conspiracy Theory Thursday (VIDEO)


Donald Trump never met a conspiracy theory he didn’t like. After all, Obama was secretly born in Kenya, Ted Cruz’s dad helped kill John F. Kennedy, and Hillary Clinton was running for president with a serious brain disease that made her unfit for office.

On Wednesday, Trump’s own Attorney General William Barr helped legitimize another of Trump’s favorite conspiracy theories: that the FBI under the direction of President Obama and other prominent Democrats were “spying” on the Trump campaign. This theory is based on the FISA warrant that was obtained against Dr. Carter Page, who Trump previously insisted wasn’t even a part of his campaign. Asked about Barr’s explosive statements saying that he believed the Trump campaign was spied on, Trump answered:

‘There was absolutely spying into my campaign. I’ll go a step further. In my opinion it was illegal spying, unprecedented spying and something that should never be allowed to happen in our country again.’

Trump cronies on Fox News and Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr., have seized on Barr’s comments without providing context, of course. Barr also said that he wasn’t suggesting that the alleged “spying” wasn’t “predicated,” meaning he believes that there was a legitimate basis for obtaining the FISA warrant, and later backed down from the statement saying that he had no specific evidence to prove anything.

Still, Trump crowed over the comments.

‘You’re just lucky I happened to be the president because a lot of other presidents would have reacted much differently than I reacted. You’re very lucky I was the president during this scam.’

For video of Trump’s comments from the Oval Office on Thursday, see below. His remarks on campaign spying and William Barr begin at 1:11.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube