School District Board Member Calls Black Students ‘Colored’ (VIDEO)


It’s no surprise that racism is alive and thriving on social media platforms; a place that offers a sort of secretive safe place for racists who live in the shadows. But what do you do when these types of posts are being aimed at your child, by other kids from their high school?

Instagram and racist threats were the main focus of a school board meeting in a Clark County, Las Vegas last night. A meeting that turned hostile very quickly.

The threats were outrageous and so bad that the Department of Homeland Security stepped in to take over investigations. Per reports by 3 News Las Vegas, the posts stated the Las Vegas high school would be the scene of “Columbine Pt 2.”

‘Two boys, ages 14 and 15, were arrested after racist, threatening messages were posted to Instagram last month targeting Arbor View High School. School police initially said the students were age 15 and 16.

One of the posts read: “Looking at my high school I realized I need to cleanse the hallways. There are too many n****rs in this school. We must act now.”

Another post read: “I just wanna go Columbine part 2.”‘

On Thursday, March 28, 2019, the Clark County School District (CCSD) held a board meeting which allowed members of the public to speak. This meeting was also an emotional one, and you can see footage up above from that night.

At last night’s meeting, Clark County School District Trustee Danielle Ford caused an uproar when she said the following:

‘There’s two different problems we’re experiencing right now.

One is our lack of safety protocols — the other one is the lack of safety of colored students in general.’

To add context, Ford stumbled before saying the word “colored” as if suffered a sort of mini-stroke, mid-delivery of her insensitive remarks.

Here is a video of the incident from Las Vegas reporter Darlene Melendez’ Twitter page:

In a sort of damage control effort, after being confronted by a woman sitting in for the meeting, the following exchange took place:


FORD: “okay, I apologize. but I do want to say that I am working on my own implicate bias”

woman in audience: “you shouldn’t be on this bench”

So… was it an actual flub? Is she just dumb? Following this exchange of words, audience members, all black, began filing out of the meeting. Can’t say we don’t blame them.

For some deeper context and to give you some background, Danielle Ford was once a “single mom entrepreneur.” Here she is a video we unearthed title “Getting to Know “Shit Girls Say in Vegas” YouTuber and Single Mom Entrepreneur”:

Based on how illiterate she seems, she does not seem qualified to sit on CCSD’s Board. What do you think?

Featured image via Twitter video screenshot.