Triggered Trump Goes Full-Stupid On Twitter Friday Morning


Donald Trump really hates it when the news just won’t go his way. Journalists and fact-checkers are his arch-nemeses, refusing to just take him at his word after thousands of lies as president.

Trump was a big supporter of getting the full report to the American people as quickly as possible until about five minutes before the investigation was completed. Now, his hand-picked attorney general has exonerated him even if the actual investigators did not, and Trump insists we should believe the AG without having seen the report.

What Trump would really like is if everyone in the country would just focus on the scandals he still insists are there against President Obama and Trump’s former political rival, Hillary Clinton. However, the former White House counsel,¬†Gregory B. Craig, was indicted for lying to the FBI about work he did with Trump’s campaign manager, not work he did for Obama. No one has felt the need to lie to the intelligence community about work they did with Obama.

So much for all the Trump sycophants yelling that lying to the FBI is just a “process crime” that doesn’t deserve attention, right? Is anyone else finding the timing of Craig’s indictment rather suspicious? He appears to be the only one arrested after the Mueller report had already been completed, while the many players from the Trump administration who lied to the FBI were indicted during the investigation. At this point, it’s not difficult to imagine that the indictment was a coordinated effort between the president and the Department of¬†Justice to deflect attention.

Twitter doesn’t care about Trump’s rants. They’re interested only in seeing the actual report. Read some of their comments below: