Trump’s Attorneys Pull Desperate Stunt To Stop Dems


Trump is a desperate man. The desperation is almost palpable via video, so one can only imagine how awkward it would be in person. The president just tries too hard, and at the wrong things. Instead of focusing on becoming a great leader, he is worried about who is badmouthing him and staying out of federal prison.

Trump’s latest shenanigans scream desperation, however, as the president’s team just sent a letter to the Internal Revenue Service. Trump is worried about the request filed over a week ago by Democrats asking for the president’s records.

Trump’s lawyer William Consovoy said this in a letter to the IRS:

“Caution and deliberation are essential to ensure that the Treasury Department does not erode the constitutional separation of powers or the Tax Code’s ‘core purpose of protecting taxpayer privacy,’ … —protections that safeguard not just the President, but all Americans.”