Trumps Wails On Twitter During Saturday AM Mental Spiral


Donald Trump doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes. Failed attacks on the Affordable Care Act hasn’t stopped him from promising to do so again after the 2020 elections when he will hopefully be attacking the policy on Twitter instead of the White House. Lying gets him into trouble multiple times daily, but that hasn’t slowed him down at all. Now, despite two failed attempts at denuclearization summits with North Korea, Trump is bragging about planning yet another.

Mr. Art of the Deal has been lied to while signing nonsense documents promising denuclearization once, and a flat-out refusal to accept any of Trump’s terms during a second meeting ended negotiations. With absolutely no demonstrable understanding of geopolitics or the motivations and desires of any foreign leader, Trump’s third attempt is unlikely to be any different.

Despite Trump’s promotion of the love affair he and the North Korean dictator have formed, Kim Jong Un doesn’t seem to be quite as flattering or willing to accept any new terms as Trump would like his Twitter followers to believe. According to The Guardian, on Friday, North Korea’s leader gave a speech in front of the Supreme People’s Assembly, saying “what is needed is for the US to stop its current way of calculation, and come to us with a new calculation.”

Trump’s inflated promises to Kim Jong Un of massive wealth and prosperity seems to be falling on deaf ears, and the leader of North Korea hasn’t seemed all that interested in increasing the wealth of the people he rules over, either. Instead, his quest for nuclear power demonstrates a desire for dominance, not necessarily peace and prosperity.

Twitter wasn’t impressed with Trump’s latest plans. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Mark Taylor under a Creative Commons license