Trump Live Tweets Sunday Afternoon TV Watching Like A Crazy Old Man


Self-described recovering sportswriter Rick Perry writes in his new book Commander in Cheat “Give me 18 holes on a golf course with someone, and I’ll learn all I need to know about their character.” Donald Trump is an avid golfer, golf cheater, and golf watcher. Even for non-golfers, what his golf game says about him is telling.

The commander-in-chief spent his afternoon watching the Great Masters (golf). He decided to use the great powers of his Twitter account to become an amateur sportscaster. Many of his voters never even played a game. Golf has always been an expensive sport, but maybe Trump will subsidize golf courses. He tweeted about the gifted golfer Tiger Woods who fell into the ashes of disgrace and lies and returned like a phoenix to rise to the winner’s spot once again:

‘Great Masters going on right now. @TigerWoods is leading with 2 holes left to play. Very exciting, tune in!’

Trump was doing a final play-by-play:

‘Watching final hole of @TheMasters. @TigerWoods is looking GREAT! 17 replies8 retweets20 likes.’

Then, Woods won. Remember, Trump did not like the great American hero Senator John McCain who was captured and tortured for six and one-half years before becoming the Senate’s maverick. No, the president likes winners like Woods:

‘Congratulations to @TigerWoods., a truly Great Champion!’

Maybe, Trump will nominate Woods for the Federal Reserve board:

‘Love people who are great under pressure. What a fantastic life comeback for a really great guy!’

Perry said in his book that golf “above all else” is a game of integrity:

‘Trump is a liar and an unrelenting cheat in a sport that values, above all else, honesty, courtesy and playing by the rules. ‘

The author told how the president claimed he had “won 18 club championships:”

‘This latest book about Trump, though, rose out of the sheer gall he had to tell people he’d won 18 club championships, when I knew he faked most of those. How did I know? He told me! (Liars have a hard time keeping all their lies straight.) That set me on the trail of what other lies he was telling the world about his golf and his golf courses, which wound up being my latest: “Commander In Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump.”‘

Twitter world took off. Check out some of our favorites below: