Ilhan Omar Responds Harshly On Twitter To Trump’s Minnesota Visit


President Donald Trump continues to define his time in office by his relentless harassment of those who dare dissent — like Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), who he’s repeatedly singled out for angry criticism and mockery. She directly countered the president’s announcement on Twitter this Monday that he was heading to her home state for a Tax Day event, sharing:

‘The Great State of Minnesota, where we don’t only welcome immigrants, we send them to Washington’

Trump had shared simply that he was on the way to the “Great State of Minnesota,” where he would be participating in a campaign event meant to highlight the massive tax reform package that he signed into law in late 2017. Outside that roundtable discussion with business leaders at Nuss Trucking and Equipment in Burnsville, the Council on American and Islamic Relations (CAIR) will actually be holding a counterprotest in support of Omar, who the president has trashed.

Trump has zeroed in on comments the Congresswoman offered recently at a gathering hosted by the organization, where she praised those who worked in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks to bridge the gap between Muslim-Americans and the rest of the population on the basis of the fact that “some people did something” and the entirety of American Islam did not decide to turn against its neighbors. Proving Omar’s point about the necessity for such bridge-building, Trump himself recently posted a video montage interspersing those remarks with footage from the 9/11 attacks as if to implicate her in the incident thanks to her Muslim faith.

That’s not the only issue that Omar and her allies are intent on addressing, however. In her Monday response to the president’s visit, the Congresswoman mentioned the new Democratic push known as the “No Ban Act,” which if passed, would repeal the successive Muslim-targeting travel bans that Trump has enacted. Only a late version of that ban actually withstood judicial scrutiny, targeting only a tiny selection of areas that aren’t Muslim-majority countries. There’s not a clear shot to that legislation passing in the current Congress, since Republicans remain the majority in the Senate, but should Democrats take the Senate in next year’s elections, they’d have a better shot of seeing it put through, not to mention if they replace Donald Trump.

Check out Twitter’s response to Omar…

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