Ivanka Tweets About Ethiopian Airlines Crash & Instantly Regrets It


Like the family of photo-opportunists that she hails, from Ivanka spent a part of her Monday visiting the Holy Trinity Church of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. She was present, along with Trump’s senior adviser to meet with religious leaders and mourn those who lost their lives in March’s Ethiopian Airlines plane crash, which killed 157 people.

After last month’s crash, Boeing 737’s all around the world were grounded; March’s plane crash came after a separate deadly crash that took place in Indonesia just months before.

According to reports, the plane’s Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System software were the culprit at least as a factor of both crashes.

Source: The Air Current (http://theaircurrent.com/aviation-safety/what-is-the-boeing-737-max-maneuvering-characteristics-augmentation-system-mcas-jt610/)

Due to this, major airlines across the United States have decided to ground the Boeing 737 up until August of this year.

Check out the tweet from Ivanka on the visit to Addis Ababa:

It is worth noting that Ivanka’s father, Donald Trump, was slow to act in regards to these American-made airliner’s tragedies. As usual, he did tweet about it but as we already know; tweeting is not respectable, not formal and certainly not an appropriate means to communicate any messaging on serious matters. This, however, has never stopped this Twitter President. Once he was pressured, however, he declared that Boeing 737 Max planes be grounded, as a result of the crashes.

Ivanka will be in Africa for the next four days as she is there on a sort of tour to promote her father’s Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative. Probably better that his offspring is scattered, as his approval rating has tanked to 37.7 percent, with a 56.9 percent disapproving of his performance, per Reuters, and the Mueller report (a redacted version) finally getting released on Thursday. Safe to say that it’s best for the Trump’s to be and get away now, while it’s still convenient for them.

Here are some of the best replies to Ivanka’s tweet:

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.