Multiple Outlets Get Pulitzer Prizes For Stories On Trump – Donald Flips


The president has been throwing a childish tantrum on his Twitter page all morning, even throwing in some words of advice for the fire fighters working on putting out the massive fire that include something along the lines of “what’s taking so long? Put it out.” He has also taken aim at Hillary Clinton, Bob Mueller, Democrats in general, and immigrants, even mentioning Tiger Woods and Cher, and stealing the 9/11 phrase “we will never forget.”

It’s been a busy morning, but no actual work was done.

Now, however, Trump has something completely different to rant about as news was just released stating that newspapers investigating the president are receiving Pulitzer Prizes for their work on the president’s crimes.

The newspaper that really gets under Trump’s skin, though, is the NY Times, who was also awarded for explanatory work in investigating the president.

The responses to the tweets went as follows: