Bernie’s ‘Fox’ Town Hall Ratings Released & Trump Is Wigging


Bernie Sanders received a lot of criticism when he announced he’d be holding a town hall on Fox News of all places. People thought for sure that it would be a hit job to make Sanders look foolish, but Bernie showed up and won over the crowd, and even the hosts, who the president criticized for being so lenient on Sanders.

Trump tweeted this bashing Fox for not being unprofessional:

So, it doesn’t surprise him AND it’s very strange. Hmm..

Trump seethed all day on his social media account, then it happened.

Nielsen Media Research revealed that 2.55 million people had watched the event, making it the most watched town hall from the 2020 campaign season.

Upon news of its success, fellow liberal contender Pete Buttigieg announced that he too was in talks to hold a town hall on the very same network.

Go figure.

The comments left on Trump’s tweet reflect exactly what America is feeling right now. We saved the best reactions below: