Bistro Owner Goes On Racist Rant – Karma Punches Him In The Face


We’ve still got nazis and their sympathizers to deal with on the grassroots level across the United States, if the current state of the national political conversation didn’t make the problem clear enough. In recent days, an Albuquerque, New Mexico, area business owner came under scrutiny for a violent anti-Semitic rant that he posted to his personal Facebook page. Apparently upset by the practices of his Jewish landlord, V Roast Bistro owner Michael Palombo rambled about the whole scope of Jewish history and how Jews supposedly deserved the atrocities they’d been dealt. He has now revealed he will — supposedly, at least — be closing his store.

Originally, Palombo tried to deflect blame for the vitriolic social media post in question. He claimed that he’d been hacked and the suffering his business endured after the post made the rounds was the fault of some unknown third party. He finally admitted to himself making the post in a follow-up statement, at which time he also revealed that he planned to close his coffee shop, which had been around for five years, although only at its most recent location for about a year and a half. He’s claimed, perhaps unsurprisingly given his recent proven inability and/or unwillingness to admit the truth, that the closure had actually been a long time coming and wasn’t just because of the scrutiny he received following his public anti-Semitic meltdown. He claimed that his wife had been pushing for the closure for awhile thanks at least in part to the workload — but if he thinks he can escape this moment in a vacuum without accountability, that’s a sick joke.

Local resident Saul Hoffman, whose Polish grandparents faced the Holocaust, helped alert the local community to what was happening, putting in a series of phone calls to local media outlets that subsequently showed up outside Palombo’s store. Hoffman told one outlet:

‘I literally almost vomited and puked. I got sick to my stomach. One of the sentences in the post that he posted was that it was my grandparents’ fault that they were slaughtered and that there should be no sorrow or remorse for them.’

All of that stemmed from being angry about his landlord taking him to court over a failure to pay rent, apparently. When adhering to basic standards of business decency fails, resorting to violent racism seems to be Palombo’s modus operandi.

Besides discussing how Jews supposedly deserved what happened to them during the Holocaust, Palombo touched on a whole host of other points, like a claim that they’re behind rising Wall Street greed.

That — among other points — has a direct parallel in rhetoric from President Donald Trump, who has at times accused prominent Jewish financier George Soros of stoking discord through means including paying protesters to demonstrate against Trump’s Supreme Court nominee and paying Central Americans to attempt to enter the United States. Spoiler alert: rich Jews are not behind all of the world’s problems.

Still, Trump has pushed similar rhetoric on a whole host of other occasions, continually returning to vilifying outsiders. He’s claimed, for instance, that those asylum seekers Soros was supposedly paying constitute an “invasion” of the United States threatening the safety of Americans across the country, despite the complete lack of evidence in terms of actual crime rates for his claims.

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