Trump Enters Full Panic Mode In Front Of Reporters Outside WH


Trump is up to his regular hijinks, which include regular tantrums in front of the press. There is nothing presidential about the current commander-in-chief, and you’d think that would be something he would strive for, but Donald Trump has zero humility, which provides some much needed comedy in what is being called the scariest era in decades.

The president just threw a huge tantrum in front of the White House Press Corp while being interviewed on the South Lawn before his trip to the Mexican border. This is what he had to say about getting rid of judges who stand in the way of his border wall:

“Now, Congress has to act. They have to get rid of catch and release, chain migration, visa lottery. They have to get rid of them because it doesn’t work. And frankly, we should get rid of judges. You can’t have a court case every time somebody steps their foot on our ground. So very important that Congress acts.”

Watch the video below to see the ridiculousness that is the president’s thought process.