Bernie Sanders Responds To Trump Tweet Attack Like A Badass Freedom Fighter


Donald Trump knows that the 2020 presidential elections are looming, so the troll-in-chief’s Twitter attacks are beginning to ramp up. On Tuesday, Trump went after Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT).

Trump went on a tear earlier in the day about Fox News being too friendly to Sanders during his town hall on their network. Now he’s either listening to his supporters who were unable to get into the town hall to boo and jeer (most likely because the venue only held a certain number of people) or he’s making something up to suit his “I can’t believe Fox News actually tried the whole fair and balanced act” outrage.

His attacks on Sen. Sanders are baseless and ridiculous. Bernie Sanders did pay the tax rate under President Obama. He said then and has said in every single answer to questions about tax rates throughout his career that the wealthy should pay more. Even though he made $600,000 last year thanks to book sales, he still believes he should pay more.

Also, Sanders released 10 years of tax returns on the same day that Trump, who said his tax cuts wouldn’t help the wealthy but is now admitting that they do, began with this particular line of attack. Trump still refuses to release his.

Sander’s response to the Twitter attack in pure Bernie style.

Twitter was not hearing Trump’s complaints. Most reminded him that he still hasn’t released those returns.

Bernie supporters, on the other hand, showed that they relish the upcoming fight.

Featured image via Flickr by Phil Roeder under a Creative Commons license