Notorious RBG Returns & Releases Message Of Thanks To Her Fans


Ruth Bader Ginsburg is well known for her biweekly workouts, which have proven very valuable to our oldest sitting Supreme Court Justice. We are so thankful that she keeps up with her regular exercise, because we need her more than ever in this Trumpian time!

The “Notorious RBG,” as we all like to call her, has a new favorite shirt to wear during her workouts thanks to an awesome gift from the U.S. Women’s Soccer team.

Back in March, during the 2019 SheBelieves Cup match against England, every member of the U.S. team wore a jersey with the last name of a woman who inspires them. Team member Becky Sauerbrunn chose to wear Ginsburg’s name on her jersey, stating:

‘She’s a complete rock star!

‘Dissenting opinion, battling cancer and then showing up to vote… what can’t she do? I just think she’s amazing.’

After the match, Sauerbrunn mailed Justice Ginsburg the jersey that she wore, and just a couple of weeks later, she received a very thoughtful thank you from RBG herself.

Sauerbrunn posted the letter on Twitter this week with the caption “Notorious”:

Ginsburg writes:

‘For the surprise package received today, huge thanks,” Ginsburg wrote. “I am proud to be among the women chosen for recognition in the 2019 SheBelieves game against England.

‘The jersey will be my favorite for the biweekly workouts that keep me in shape.’

Sauerbrunn’s Twitter post received an overwhelmingly positive response, and why wouldn’t it? Here are a few of our favorite posts:

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