Pelosi Calls AG Barr A Liar On Twitter – Trump Explodes


Nancy Pelosi, like half of America, is furious over the Republican spin that has been put on the Mueller report upon its semi-release Thursday morning. The highly redacted report, sometimes only showing a few lines per page with the rest blacked out, was modified to make the president look more innocent than he, quite obviously, is.

Fact? The report implicates Trump in numerous crimes.

Many people have spoken out since the release of the report, but none, probably, more important than that of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. This is what she just tweeted about the ridiculous circus performance by Attorney General Bill Barr.

Her followers on Twitter immediately jumped to respond to the posts from the woman who said that impeaching Trump was “not worth it.” Below are some of the best reactions to Pelosi’s tweets: