Trump Spends ‘Victory’ Night Tweet/Ranting About Mueller Report



Considering Donald Trump’s insistence that the Mueller report fully exonerated him and proved that he’s done nothing wrong, it’s odd that he would spend his “victory” party whining on Twitter. On Thursday night following the release of the Mueller report, though, that’s exactly what Trump did.

Actually, Obama did do something about it. After the election, in which President Obama did not want to interfere, he imposed sanctions on the Kremlin and expelled numerous Russian diplomats. Trump delayed sanctions, publicly undermined investigators, and supported Putin’s claims that Russia didn’t interfere despite intelligence officials’ proof that they did.

The term “obstruction of justice” has only one legal definition, no matter how much Trump tries to spin it.

‘Obstruction of justice is a criminal offense of interfering with the (1) administration or process of law, (2) withholding material information or giving false testimony, or (3) harming or intimidating a juror, witness, or officer of law.’

Regardless of any “underlying crime,” Trump interfered with the administration or process of law. In fact, Mueller showed that Trump did that at least 10 times, and would have done even more had the aides around him refused to do his bidding. Additionally, Mueller showed repeated instances of members of the Trump campaign committing shady and unethical acts. If the Trump campaign didn’t collude with Russia, which is debatable, they most definitely colluded with criminals.

Finally, Trump’s desperate attempt to say he’s been right about the “fake news” media all this time is just sad. Here are just five of the many stories that Trump insisted were “fake news” that have now been proven in the Mueller report:

  1. Don McGahn threatened to quit his job to convince Trump not to commit such an obvious obstruction of justice as firing Mueller, in addition to many other crimes, or “crazy sh*t” Trump tried to order McGahn to do.
  2. Trump asked James Comey for “loyalty” during Comey’s time as the FBI director as well as asking him to drop an investigation into Michael Flynn.
  3. Trump knew that Flynn had given false testimony to Congress well before he was fired from his position.
  4. Trump knew that Wikileaks was acting against Hillary Clinton and intended to publish illegally-obtained emails.
  5. Trump ordered campaign officials to illegally obtain Clinton’s emails from her tenure as secretary of state.

The only people who should feel “humiliated” are Trump, his public spokespeople who cover his lies, and his entire campaign staff for plaguing this country with a criminal clown of a president.

Twitter is relentlessly refusing to allow Trump to spin this narrative. Read some of their comments below:

Featured image via Flickr by Gage Skidmore under a Creative Commons license